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Respectful of Religious Faith and Values

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Conceptual Chemistry is well-suited to home schools strongly influenced by religious faith and values. Please consider that the author himself teaches at a Christian affiliated college, which is Saint Michael’s College in Colchester, VT. Please also consider that the chemistry department at Oral Roberts University, in Tulsa, OK, has been a consistent user of Conceptual Chemistry since its second edition. In support of home schoolers using the Conceptual Chemistry curriculum, Professor Kenneth Weed of ORU has been kind enough to offer the following endorsement:

As a professor of chemistry at Oral Roberts University, I use the text Conceptual Chemistry to begin to create in students a sense of the wonder concerning the chemical world around them.  While secular in its presentation, Conceptual Chemistry uses concept checks and “Think and Discuss” questions to allow students to interpret chemical information in light of their own worldview and begin searching for viable solutions.  Combined with the now freely available online video series Conceptual Chemistry Alive!, students have the opportunity to read, watch, think, and learn about chemistry in an environment designed to inspire passion about living “in harmony with the environment and with what you believe to be proper.”

Dr. Kenneth Weed, Professor of Chemistry, Oral Roberts University